Welcome to the Saarland Logistics Initiative!

Saarland’s logistics sector is one of the driving forces behind innovation in the country and for the dynamic development of our economy.

Saarland is one of the leading international centers for logistics thanks to top of the line logistics services and its central location in the middle of Europe. The pull Saarland has on global players and medium-sized companies is derived largely from its expertise in France and the outstanding local conditions.

The international presence of the Saarland Logistics Initiative compiles information on the sector in Saarland. It covers the entire spectrum, from consultation to procurement, production, distribution and waste management logistics, to research and development.

Here, investors and logistics services users can find companies, experts and research institutes, and background information on current developments and highlights.

The Saarland Logistics Initiative network presents logistics players and their expertise, as well as giving them the opportunity to participate in the professional discourse.


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