Research and Development

IPL – Institute for Production and Logistics Systems

The Institute for Production and Logistics Systems (IPL) was founded in 1991 by Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt as an affiliated institute to provide increased innovative research, planning/consulting and qualification services to companies.

The institute’s R&D activities are listed below.

IPL R&D logistics activities

  • Technology and Organizational Trends
  • Research design for structural and process-oriented issues
  • Organization and trend studies
  • Development/Simulation of logistics management methods

Ongoing projects

  • Evaluating critical supply chain processes
  • Managing global distribution chains
  • Developing and executing the Saarland Logistics Census
  • Conceptualizing and piloting process/logistics audits based on GMMOG/LE
  • Cooperative benchmarking of automotive manufacturers/suppliers
  • KPI concepts for logistics organizations

For research, planning and consulting services as well as the institute’s qualification services, please see the details of the relevant modules: Research/Development, Planning/Consulting and Education/Qualification.






IPL – Institut für Produktions- und Logistiksysteme
Prof. Schmidt GmbH
Heinrich-Barth-Straße 32
D 66115 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49-681-95431-0

Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt
Research and Development Director
Phone: +49-681-95431-23


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