Trier University of Applied Sciences

Birkenfeld Environmental Campus

The Birkenfeld Environmental campus is part of the Trier University of Applied Sciences.

The Birkenfeld Environmental campus provides Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the Faculties of Environmental Planning/Environmental Technology, Environmental Business Management/ Environmental Law and in the following courses: Applied Computer Science, Biological, Environmental and Process Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, Digital Product Development - Mechanical Engineering, European Commercial Law, International Material Flow Management, Mechanical Engineering – Product Development and Technical Planning, Media Design, Sustainable Process Engineering, Sustainable Resource Management, Engineering Physics, Production Technology, Environmental and Business Management, Environmentally Orientated Power Engineering, Industrial Engineering/Environmental Planning, Commercial and Environmental Law.

The Birkenfeld Environmental campus offers a Masters in Business Administration and Engineering with emphasis on Sustainable Logistics Management. Additionally courses in the logistics sector are run as part of the following courses: Environmental and Business Management, Industrial Engineering/Environmental Planning and Applied Computer Sciences – Business Information Technology. Focuses lie in the following areas: production logistics, transport logistics, procurement logistics, recycling and disposal logistics and logistics infrastructures.

The Birkenfeld Environmental campus is a new and innovative campus of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. Its tuition-free Bachelor and Masters courses are hands-on and take place in a friendly atmosphere. Teaching and research are supported by up-to-date technology and environmental and sustainability issues are fully integrated into the courses.






Prof. Dr. Jochen Struwe
Hochschule Trier
Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
D-55768 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach
Phone: +49 6782 17-1105
Email: master-bae



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