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Masters in Aviation Management

The International Masters in Aviation Management currently takes 4 semesters. The (joint degree) vocational study course is held at the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus and prepares future decision-makers for the rapidly growing airline industry.

Aviation Management Course Details

  • Basic knowledge: Business Core; General Management Module.
  • Elective modules in later semesters allow students to choose their individual emphases. Courses offered include Information and Technology Management, Human Resource Development, Airport Management, Air Carrier, Passenger and Cargo Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership amongst others.
  • Master’s thesis on topic in aviation or space travel

Extracts from the Curriculum

The MBA in aviation prepares student for a successful future in the profession and for management functions in aviation management. Students learn about such diverse areas as network planning, air freight management and human resources, or the financial area or marketing, for example in the development of pricing strategies for airlines as well as in aviation traffic and environmental protection.






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