Université de Lorraine – IUT de Moselle-Est

Diplôme universitaire de technologie (DUT) Gestion Logistique et Transport

The bilingual degree course „Gestion Logistique et Transport (GLT)“ or “Logistics and Transport Management” at the IUT (University Institute for Technology) Moselle-Est leads to the Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie over the course of 4 semesters. This corresponds to short-course studies at a technical college leading to a diploma after 4 semesters.
An overall of 1,620 teaching hours / 4 semesters, 780 of which are focused on logistics and transport management. Also available as a dual course.

Content of the course Logistics and Transport Management

  • Business management, human resources, accounting, marketing, legal studies
  • International trade, foreign languages
  • Transport management: external logistics chains – road transports, air transports, rail transports, transports on waterways, combination of multiple transport modes
  • Logistics: warehousing and logistics, materials and production management, quality assurance, IT systems, supply chain management

General curriculum (extract)

Projects, conferences, seminars by experts from companies (20%), practical exercises in companies (at SAP and Continental), apprenticeships and company visits.
The focus on international trade, transport logistics / transport management as well as in-house logistics and supply chain management is the perfect career preparation and offers the possibility to enter advanced courses. Since seminars are offered in both French and German, students can advance their German and French language skills.

  • Advanced courses: Bachelor/Master at the University






for Foreign Students

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Institut universitaire de technologie
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