University Paul Verlaine Metz – IUT de Moselle-Est

2-Year Technical Degree (DUT) in Logistics and Transport Management

The bilingual logistics and transport management course (Gestion Logistique et Transport – GLT) at the East Moselle Technical Institute takes four semesters and leads to a university degree in technology (Diplôme universitaire de technologie). The course is the equivalent of a short four semester course at a university of applied sciences that culminates in a degree.

This course is also available as a double major.

The course covers three areas

  • Basic communication knowledge:
    Communication, language, commerce, human resources management, marketing, law, computer sciences
  • Business Management:
    accounting, financial administration, industrial law, economics,
    applied mathematics and statistics, IT management
  • Logistics and transport management:
    production management, stock management, materials logistics, transport technology, technical logistics systems, Supply Chain Management, IT systems

Extracts from the Curriculum

Lectures are given by professors, university instructors and external experts. Over the course of their studies students have the opportunity to visit companies, take a course at a business (SAP) followed by a two-month internship, attend conferences and participate in projects.






Nathalie Schustek
Chef de département GLT

Institut universitaire de technologie
de Moselle-Est (IUT)
Département Gestion Logistique et
Transport Centre (GLT)
13 rue Alexandre de Geiger
F 57200 Sarreguemines

Phone: +33-387-9894-00



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