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Professional Logistics License

The Professional Logistics License is a further one-year course which focuses on logistics and cross-cutting organization projects. It leads to a Bachelor’s +3 (3 years of higher education) or a Bachelor’s degree.

Professional Logistics License – Course Details

  • Introduction to industrial processes and methods
  • Business Administration
  • Supply Chain Management, cross-functional logistics, information systems
  • Quality, safety and environment
  • Languages, global and cross-border communication
  • Academic and professional methodology
  • Instruments of Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to legal and international fields
  • Communication and information system management– ERP/MRP
  • Project management
  • Industry project
  • Internship

Extracts from the Curriculum

Graduates should have the skills and know-how to, for example, manage logistics, implement up- and downstream production and manage internal and external flows using the right tools (dashboards to assess logistical performance and IT system knowledge for logistics, etc.)






Nadine Le Nenaon
Responsable Licence

Institut universitaire de technologie
de Moselle-Est (IUT)
Licence Professionnelle Logistique
13 rue Alexandre de Geiger
F 57200 Sarreguemines

Phone: +33-387-9894-00



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