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Master of Science Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management takes 2 semesters and the Master of Science Logistics can be completed after an additional internship semester.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course Details

  • Courses are taught in English
  • The first semester is in London. Groups work together with partner companies.
  • There are four options for the second semester. Depending on what the student is interested in, emphases take place in:
  • Metz, France: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • London, UK: Logistics Services and the Retail Supply Chain
  • Arnhem, Netherlands: European and International Distribution
  • Molde, Norway: International Shipping and logistics Management
  • In the third semester students write their Masters thesis on a logistics related topic.

Extracts from the Curriculum

The course aims to further develop students’ knowledge so they can carry out advanced analysis and research in the field of logistics.






Dr. Bertrand Agostini
Course Leader

ESIDEC – ICN Business School
Place Édouard Branly
F 57070 Metz

Phone: +33-387-5637-20



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