ICN Business School

Master in Automotive Management

The Master in Automotive Management at the ICN Business School takes 13 months.

Automotive Management Course Details

  • Courses are taught in English or French
  • Management basics (strategic analysis, financial management, analytical accounting, marketing, general legal principles, production management and international economics
  • Project management

Through the most important functions of a business: acquiring new clients, establishing a statement of work, developing new products, purchasing and managing industrial relations with suppliers, logistics and production planning.

  • Management synthesis

Policies, management performance, international development, project management, quality management

  • Skills development

Public speaking, presentation techniques, animation, board room, leadership and teamwork, conflict management, problem solving methods, preparation for job interviews

Extracts from the Curriculum

Emphasis is placed on teaching basic theories. This knowledge and its proper use is practised and tested in numerous roles or group work.






Michel Makiela
Directeur Institut Management Automotive

ICN Business School
Place Édouard Branly
F 57070 Metz

Phone: +33-387-5637-20



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