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MBA-Studiengang “European Management”

Since 1990, the Saarland University’s European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management has been offering the postgraduate programme `European Management`, which was the first programme at German universities to lead to an MBA degree. The program was recognized in particular for its explicit European focus as well as practical and international character. It teaches the fundamentals of General & Behavioural Management and has a high practical relevance. The postgraduate programme confers the title of `Master of Business Administration (MBA)`.
The MBA programme is system-accredited. Having passed through the internal accreditation process by the Quality Management Teaching and Studying of Saarland University, the programme has been granted the Saarland University Quality Label as well as the Seal of the Accreditation Council. In 2009 the programme was accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). Since October 2009, those not enrolled in the programme have the opportunity to audit individual courses on current management topics.
The MBA programme is offered in English and can be completed full-time (1 year) or part-time (4 years maximum). The programme consists of 15 courses, three of which taking place abroad, and the M.A. thesis.
The programme comprises six different modules, each containing four-day lectures from Wednesday to Saturday.
Module 4 of the programme - `Marketing and Management` with the course `Retailing and Logistics` contained therein - is particularly relevant for the field of logistics.
Module 4 takes place in Rennes/France and focuses primarily on specialists and management personnel seeking to learn more about the most important trade patterns and how they can be logistically optimized.

Structure of the MBA programme `European Management`

  • Module 1 `Management Basics`
    Strategic Management, Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Soft Skills
  • Module 2 `European Basics`
    European Institutions, European Regulations
  • Module 3 `Financial Management`
    Economics and Finance, Learning Business by Doing Business
  • Module 4 `Marketing and Management`
    Marketing and Management in Foreign Countries (International Week - Spain), Retailing and Logistics (International Week - France)
  • Module 5 `Operations Management`
    Service Management, Data Analysis
  • Module 6 `Behaviour Management`
    Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship (International Week – United Kingdom), Leadership and Human Resource Management, Cross-Cultural Management
  • Master Thesis

Excerpt from the curriculum

The `Retailing and Logistics` course provides a comprehensive understanding of retail and logistics strategies. The following topics in particular are dealt with:

  • Multi-/Cross-/ Omni-channel Retailing
  • Brand and Crisis in Franchising
  • Logistics – Physical Distribution
  • Logistics – Supply Chain and Information Management
  • Consumer Behavior and Future of Retailing
  • Retail Internationalization
  • Retail Branding and Positioning
  • Store Brand






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