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Technical Logistics

The qualification requirements in the logistics area are developing very dynamically, which closely relates to the equally dynamically developing possibilities in the technical and information technology sector.
Current logistic training as has been offered successfully in the Technical Logistics course for more than 15 years, provides graduates with solid engineering and logistical basic knowledge and paves their way for a successful start of career.
The qualified staff trained in this way are required in all areas - also beyond logistics: from the logistics service provider to the production company, from the planner to the system analyst, from the carrier to the supplier of conveyor, storage and traffic technology. The special tasks here are very varied. However, it is almost always a matter of getting goods and information from their place of origin to their place of use quickly and with as little effort as possible, whether within or outside the company. This often involves extremely complex relationships and requirements. Therefore, a successful logistics solution for all areas of application can only be created in the interplay of technology, IT and business management. This means that the logistics job profile - and accordingly the studying of technical logistics - is above all characterized by a wide range of extensive knowledge from these areas.

Structure of the studying course

The studying course `Technical Logistics` leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree in seven semesters.
In the first stage of the course, students learn about basic logistical processes and acquire the basics of economics as well as natural sciences and technology. In the further course, the students specialize in one of the three fields of study:

  • Intralogistics
  • System optimization and simulation
  • Transport Logistics

A wide range of practice-oriented electives allows students to shape their qualification profiles independently.






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