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Logistics - Diagnostics and Design

Logistics - Diagnostics and Design

Logisticians organize smooth material and information flows - they work in partnership with colleagues, customers and suppliers in all areas of the economy. The diverse logistics projects can only be achieved through teamwork and good coordination. The young people trained in the Logistics - Diagnostics and Design (LDD) course are capable of logistics planning and, at the same time, have an advisory function in which they think for the success of the company and act accordingly. In the Logistics - Diagnostics and Design course, students learn both - the art of identifying the `real` problem in logistics and elaborating the `right` solution with other people.

Structure of the studying course

The Logistics - Diagnostics and Design course leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in seven semesters.
Lectures, exercises, internships and several business games provide students with a solid basic knowledge of basic logistical processes, scientific and technical processes and economic conditions. Much content is developed problem-based in small learning groups. Furthermore, the students receive authentic, professional case studies on logistical problems from the professional practice of the professors and lecturers for which they develop viable solutions. In teams, sustainable solutions for the respective problems are developed and results are presented together. In doing so, logistical specialist knowledge is systematically acquired and personal skills are trained.
Elective courses complete the LDD course to include individual interests and enable the deepening of core competencies.






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