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ASW-Berufsakademie Saarland offers a course of studies in business administration with a specialization in logistics (grade: Bachelor of Arts) as well as a 9-month intensive course in further education which leads to a certificate as „ASW Certified Specialist in Purchasing and Logistics”.

BA in Business Administration (specialization in logistics)
Course Content

1st year of studies

  • Fundamentals (logistics objectives, logistics planning)
  • Logistics organization
  • Logistics systems (transport, handling, warehousing and picking systems)
  • Information logistics (handling of master data, identification technologies)
  • Logistics in a functional, divisional and matrix organization
  • Relevant fundamentals of law adressing logistic matters
  • Value-added tax and customs in international trade
  • Fundamentals of operations research for the handling of logistic processes (linear
    programming, network techniques)

2nd year of studies

  • Procurement logistics I – material management
  • Procurement logistics II – Supplier Relationship Management
  • Production logistics I – Fundamentals
  • Production logistics II – Production planning and control systems
  • Warheouse logistics

3rd year of studies

  • Outbound logistics
  • Fundamentals of operations research for the handling of logistic processes II – route planning and transportation models
  • Supply Chain-Management
  • Waste management logistics
  • Fundamentals of quality management
  • Logistics with SAP
  • Managerial Accounting in logistics
  • International logistics
  • Logistics 4.0

ASW Certified Specialist in Purchasing and Logistics

Course Content

This course addresses employees from the following areas: distribution and sales, logistics, warehouse management, transport, dispatch, customs, handling of goods and similar fields.

Subjects of Study

  • Procurement marketing, purchasing strategies
  • Negotiation techniques in purchasing
  • Communication psychology, conduct and moderation of discussions
  • Law – fundamentals of purchase / contract management
  • Purchasing/materials management on the web - E-Procurement
  • Supplier management
  • Procurement logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Transport logistics
  • Warehousing logistics
  • Waste management logistics
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Managerial accounting in procurement and logistics
  • Logistics 4.0






Prof. Dr. Thomas Kunz
Director of Studies Department of Business Management

Phone 0 68 94 – 3 87 98 – 16



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