IPL – Institute for Production and Logistics Systems

For more than 20 years, IPL Prof. Schmidt GmbH has been working in research and development, qualification, and implementation consulting.

Course Contents

We use experience from ongoing projects together with the course contents we help design at Saarland and French universities and management seminars to help develop practical training and offer general or business-specific training.

Examples of Further Training

Our industry-related events focus on the following areas:

  • Inventory control and portfolio analysis
  • Procurement logistics and planning procedures
  • Production logistics including supply and disposal principles
  • Distribution logistics, storage and pulling systems
  • In- and outsourcing
  • Value stream mapping
  • Toyota production systems
  • Supply Chain Management

For the institutes’ research and planning skills please see the Research/Development and Planning/Consulting Modules.






Jörg Bernarding

IPL – Institut für Produktions- und Logistiksysteme
Prof. Schmidt GmbH
Heinrich-Barth-Straße 32
D 66115 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49-681-95431-0



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