Professional Driver

Professional drivers normally work in goods or passenger transport. They transport goods in all sorts of commercial trucks. In the passenger transport sector they drive municipal and tour buses.

Professional drivers normally work for goods and passenger transport companies, e.g. forwarding agencies, for municipal transportation companies or tour bus operators. They also work in postal, courier, towing and mobile automotive repair services. They can work in building materials transport or the beverage or waste management industries.

Course structure – areas of study

  • In the first and second year of training
  • Company representation
  • Care and maintenance of commercial vehicles
  • Goods loading
  • Engine and electrical equipment checks
  • Planning and following routes and tours to domestic destinations
  • Use of drive train, chassis and wheel checks
  • Brake system checks
  • Optimizing transport by work order
  • In the third year of training
  • Planning and following routes to international destinations
  • Using a motorbus for scheduled and non-scheduled services
  • Special goods transport
  • Application and use of electronic equipment

Career opportunities

Professional drivers find employment in goods and passenger transportation companies.

After training, professional drivers have to decide on possible fields and specialization. The choices range from courier services and passenger transport to test driving.

Training Centres

  • St. Ingbert Training Centre









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