Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) Specialist

Courier, express and parcel (CEP) specialists sort parcels, plan deliveries, arrange mailings and advise customers.

CEP specialists work in letter and parcel services, and courier and express services. They also work for forwarding and small-scale goods transport companies.

Course structure – areas of study

  • In the first and second year of training
  • Study and work in CEP companies
  • Accept company transport orders and parcels
  • Process and transport company mailings
  • Deliver mailings to addressee
  • Process, document and post payment transactions
  • Compare, process and document additional services
  • Collect and process operational data
  • Design CEP company work flow processes
  • Post-process deliveries and customer care

Career opportunities

CEP specialists find employment with postal service and courier/express service companies.

After training, CEP specialists have to decide on a field and specialization. The choices range from sorting and delivery to customer service.

Note: After passing the CEP specialist qualification, individuals can enroll in the third year of the CEP course.

Training Centers

  • Halberg Vocational Training Center









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