Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse clerks receive goods and store them appropriately. They prepare orders for delivery and/or transfer goods to the appropriate divisions in a company.

Warehouse clerks mainly work for forwarding companies and other logistics service providers. Moreover, they can be employed with industrial and commercial businesses in different sectors, e.g. in the food and electronics industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in metal-working and automobile construction, in printing plants or with building materials manufacturers.

Course structure – areas of study

  • In the first and second year of training
  • Receive and inspect goods
  • Store goods
  • Process goods
  • Transport goods within company
  • Pick goods
  • Pack goods
  • Load goods
  • Send goods

Career opportunities

Warehouse clerks find employment with forwarding companies and other logistics service providers.

After training, warehouse clerks have to decide on a field and specialization. The choices range from receiving and storage to shipping and ordering.

Note: After successfully obtaining the warehouse clerk qualification, individuals can continue their training by enrolling in the third year of the warehouse logistics specialist course.

Training Centers

  • Halberg Vocational Training Center









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