Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Agent

Freight forwarding and logistics services agents organize the shipping, handling and storage of goods and sell transport and logistics services.

Freight forwarding and logistics services agents work above all for forwarding companies and companies in handling and stock management. They also work in companies that are active in goods transport via road, rail or ship, as well as for freight airlines or parcel and courier services.

Course structure – areas of study

  • In the first and second year of training
  • Organize vocational training
  • Work in a forwarding company
  • Document business processes and process payment transactions
  • Compare carriers and process freight forwarding orders
  • Process consolidated freight and parcel system shipping orders
  • Process freight orders for secondary forwarding company
  • Successfully manage business processes
  • Plan, manage and control procurement processes
  • Offer and arrange storage services
  • Process export orders
  • In the third year of training
  • Process import orders
  • Offer and arrange procurement logistics
  • Offer and arrange distribution logistics
  • Develop and implement marketing measures
  • Adapt forwarding and logistical business processes to economic conditions

Career opportunities

Freight forwarding and logistics services agents find employment in forwarding and handling/stock management companies or in companies dealing with goods forwarding by road, rail or ship.

After training, freight forwarding and logistics services agents have to decide on a field and specialization. The choices range from road, rail and air transport to inland or overseas shipping, to hazardous materials and express transport.

Training Centers

  • Halberg Vocational Training Center









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