Travel Agent

Travel agents organize and plan trips. In travel agencies, they advise and inform customers about travel destinations and connections. They plan package holidays and other package tours for tour companies.

Travel agents mainly work for travel agencies and tour companies. They also work for bus companies, shipping companies and airline booking departments. They also work in large hotels that offer package deals.

Course structure – areas of study

  • In the first year of training
  • Gather information about operator and agency products
  • Communicate with customers
  • Arrange trips to the western Mediterranean
  • Conduct accounting in a tourism company
  • In the second year of training
  • Describe the effectiveness of state competition policies using market structures in the tourism sector
  • Arrange and host trips to the eastern Mediterranean
  • Arrange trips in Germany
  • Be involved with the marketing management of a tourism service provider
  • Help with annual accounts in tourism companies
  • Adapt own travel market actions to goals and limits of the economy
  • In the third year of training
  • Arrange and host trips to Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia
  • Arrange long-distance trips
  • Use controlling instruments for monitoring and planning

Career opportunities

Travel agents find employment with tour companies and travel agencies.

After training, travel agents have to decide on a field and specialization. The choices range from general commercial and administrative work to corporate travel service.

Training Centres

  • Halberg Vocational Training Centre
  • Neunkirchen Technical-Industrial and Social Care Vocational Training Centre









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