Stock Manager

Stock managers plan, organize, coordinate and monitor a company’s warehouse facilities. They also deal with logistical tasks relating to the transporting and shipping of goods.

They work for transport and logistics companies active in forwarding, handling and warehousing. They are also employed in warehousing and logistics positions within companies across all sectors.

Course Content

As well as interdisciplinary knowledge, the course teaches specialized knowledge and instructional occupational and labor principles.

  • Specialized part
  • Mathematical and scientific basics
  • Administration, maintenance and occupational safety
  • Logistics and environmental protection
  • Specialized situational tasks
  • Interdisciplinary part
  • Basics of cost-efficient and legal actions
  • Basics of teamwork
  • Instructional occupational and labor principles

Career opportunities

Stock managers find employment with transport and logistics companies active in forwarding, handling and warehousing and also in warehouses of companies across all sectors.

After training, stock managers have to decide on a field and specialization. The choices range from work preparation to goods and transportation planning to warehouse management.

Possible Training Centres

  • Festo Lernzentrum Saar GmbH
    Obere Kaiserstraße 301
    D 66386 St. Ingbert

Phone: +49-6894-591-7400








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