Dirk Schäfer

Dirk Schäfer has been planning and selling everything related to business equipment, industrial supplies and warehouse technology for over 15 years. From the idea to the finished warehouse, workshop or office - For every need, Dirk Schäfer provides an overview of the program of important and favourable suppliers known for their product quality.

Products and services

  • Business equipment
    steel furniture – work tables – work benches – work chairs – storage platforms – machine protection – storage containers – wardrobes – benches – workstation systems – heavy-duty cupboards – roofing structures
  • Warehouse technology
    storage cabinets – materials cabinets – stacking containers – hazardous materials warehouses – rack systems – containers – collection trays
  • Industrial supplies
    trolleys – roller containers – baskets – boxes – small parts cleaners – ladders – steps – scaffolding - staircases

References / key sectors

  • 2-storey modular shelving system for the storage of small parts in EURO containers
  • Large heavy load shelving system
  • Double-deck multi-tier shelving for storing of hazardous materials
  • Cable drum system for outdoor use
  • Archive with shelving units totalling over 200 linear meters
  • Pallet racking system
  • Hazardous materials storage point
  • Roofing for goods receipt area

Characteristics and size

The company employs 6 people in Saarbrücken.






Dirk Schäfer − Planung und Verkauf
Betriebseinrichtungen − Industriebedarf −
Hohe Wacht 17 a
66119 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49-681-95826-42
Fax: +49-681-95826-43

Email: info


Dirk Schäfer



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