Utrans Transport Systems GmbH

For more than 45 years, Utrans Transport Systems has been a reliable partner in the field of crane construction. As a direct supplier or a subcontractor, we are a long-standing partner to German industry and we always offer a partnership that provides the best solution adapted to the individual needs of our clients.

Products and services

  • Standard cranes – light and medium duty with a load bearing weight of 100 tons.
  • Partially and fully automated cranes – for precise positioning and for repetitive routes
  • Cast iron models – for very heavy duty with specific needs
  • Special cranes – e.g. grab cranes used for waste, slag and cement handling, as well as coil cranes with load suspension devices or damped pendulum load systems
  • Manipulators for transporting various goods – with extremely precise full-range positioning

References/key sectors

  • Aluminium and steel industry
  • Heavy duty crane manufacturers
  • Steel construction and mechanical engineering
  • Incinerators

Characteristics and size

The company has 35 employees in Ensdorf.






UTRANS Kran- und Transportanlagen GmbH
Ensdorfer Straße 85
D 66773 Schwalbach

Telefon: +49-6834 46048-0
Fax: +49 6834 56262



Christian Raubuch
Stephan Feld



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