Unipac Claus Müller-Gisch GmbH

Unipac has been an active part in the packaging industry for more than 30 years and is one of the few distribution companies that can supply packaging devices by the biggest and most important manufacturers that meet the latest technical standards. Unipac offers a wide variety of machinery, accessories and services.

Products and services

  • Machines and devices
  • Strapping machines (Orgapack, Unipac)
  • Steel band strapping (Fromm, Orgapack, Unipac)
  • Synthetic material strapping (Fromm, Orgapack, Unipac)
  • Stretch wrapping systems (Robopac)
  • Handheld shrink-wrap device (Ripack, Shrinkfast)
  • Accessories and materials
  • Shrink-wrap by notable European manufacturers
  • Steel and synthetic materials (PET and PP) packaging straps
  • Dispensers
  • Shrinkable hoods
  • Service and repair

References/key sectors

Multi-sector – products are used wherever it is necessary to strap down shipments and/or products.

Characteristics and size

We offer affordable prices for packaging equipment. In addition to this, an extensive warehouse makes it possible to directly deliver the products you need.

The company has 15 employees in Blieskastel.






Unipac Claus Müller-Gisch GmbH
66440 Blieskastel-Assweiler

Phone: +49-6803-9955-0
Fax: +49-6803-9955-16


Claus Müller-Gisch



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