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AKJ Automotive

AKJ Automotive is a consortium whose objective is the development of logistics and manufacturing in automotive and supplier industry. Members include experts and executives from universities, automobile manufacturers, suppliers and service providers along the automotive supply chain.

AKJ Automotive activities in Saarland

  • Office at the University of Applied Sciences
  • Research and development work for AKJ chapters
  • Organizing and implementing development workshops with members
  • Identifying and evaluating automotive industry benchmarks
  • International conferences between AKJ Automotive and automobile manufacturers in March
  • Annual “Automotive Processes and IT” forum in September
  • Creating the AKJ “elogistics award” for outstanding industry applications
  • Informational forums and discussion panels on current automotive topics

For further information please visit

Individual/Corporate Members:

70/42 (nationwide)

Membership fee (per year)

  • Individual membership:

Only through a listed representative of a member company/site.

  • Corporate membership:

€ 2,000 per site (up to two contacts)






AKJ Automotive

Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt
Chair, Saarland University of Applied Sciences
c/o FITT GmbH
Goebenstraße 40
66117 Saarbrücken (Germany)
Phone: +49-681-5867-410
Email: infoakj-automotive.de

Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (HTW/IPL), Chairman
Stefan Rosenwald (Daimler), Spokesman
Peter Riechers (Volkswagen), Spokesman
Lennard Keetz (Continental), Spokesman
Jörg Kuntz (HTW), Project manager



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