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Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics, e.V.

The BME, founded in 1954, is a service provider for more than 7,500 individual members and corporate members (among them medium-sized companies as well as the 200 top-selling German companies). Through its network, the BME promotes the exchange of knowledge between companies and science, both for procurement and for providers. The association is open to all sectors (industry, trade, public contracting authorities, banks, insurance companies, etc.) and types of business. There are 41 regional divisions that are active nationwide.

BME activities (Saar region)

  • Comprehensive portfolio of technical conferences on procurement topics
  • Constructive dialog with politicians, scientists and universities
  • Information on members concerning new developments and trends in the area of procurement
  • Contact platform for members
  • Company visits
  • Developing forward-looking procurement concepts by experts

For further information please visit www.bme.de (Regionen).

Individual/Corporate Members:

7,500 (nationwide)

Membership fee (per year)

  • Individual membership:

€140 for students/€50 for retirees

  • Corporate membership:

€690 for companies with annual revenue up to €100 million and other public and private institutes/€980 for companies with annual revenue exceeding €100 million.
3 contacts included, €140 for each additional contact.






National headquarters

Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft
Einkauf und Logistik e.V. (BME)
Bolongarostraße 82
65929 Frankfurt (Germany)

Phone: +49-69-30838-120
Email: infobme.de

Dr. Holger Hildebrandt, Director
Dr. Jürgen Marquard, Chairman of the Board

BME (Saar region)

Volker Stallner
President oft he BME region Saarland
Frankenring 12
66798 Wallerfangen (Germany)

Phone: +49-6831-61594
Email: volker.stallnerbme-saar.de



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