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Society for Production Management, e.V.

The GfPM is a non-profit intersectoral association for the exchange and development of knowledge, know-how and best practices in the fields of production, production management, logistics, purchasing and supply chain management. The GfPM is the German counterpart to the American APICS.

GfPM activities in Saarland

  • Regional office in Saarland
  • Access to corporate members for cooperation issues
  • Intercompany workshops on optimization issues
  • In-house seminars on current production management questions
  • Multi-regional automotive production conferences
  • On-site practice conferences at trendsetting companies
  • Creating the GfPM award for outstanding seminar papers
  • Informational forums and discussion panels on current topics

For further information please visit www.gfpm.eu und www.gfpm-online.de.

Individual/corporate members:

about 125/- (nationwide)

Membership fee (per year)

  • Individual membership: €75 for individuals,
    €10 for students.
  • Corporate membership: normally €450
    (up to 3 contacts per site)






Gesellschaft für Produktionsmanagement
(GfPM) e.V.
Heinrich-Barth-Straße 32
66115 Saarbrücken (Germany)

Phone: +49-681-95431-0
Email: infogfpm.eu

Dr. Albrecht Köhler (Knorr-Bremse)
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (IPL)
board member and the office director
in Saarbrücken

Udo Bungert (IDS Scheer)
Spokesman, Saarland regional group

Dirk Siffrin (Schneider)
Spokesman, Saarland regional group



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