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Landesverband Verkehrsgewerbe Saarland e.V.

The LVS is a trade and employers organization in Saarland’s private transport industry and represents among others the interests of road transport, forwarding, logistics and furniture moving.

LVS activities in Saarland

  • Representing interests vis-à-vis politics and administration
  • Public relations for road transport
  • Corporate member information in all sectors
  • Consulting on sector-specific issues
  • Assistance through specialised solicitors
  • Negotiating collective agreements with trade unions

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Individual/corporate members:

about 13,500 throughout Germany, about 113 in Saarland

Membership fee (per year)

  • 320,16 € minimum for road transport
  • 1112,90 € minimum for forwarding companies and logistics services providers


As a state organization, the LVS is a member of the umbrella organizations:

  • Federal Association for Road Transport, Logistics and Waste Disposal (BGL), e.V.
  • German Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV), e.V.
  • Federal Furniture Movers Association (AMÖ), e.V.






Landesverband Verkehrsgewerbe
Saarland (LVS) e.V.
Metzer Straße 123
66117 Saarbrücken (Germany)

Phone: +49-681-9250-0
Email: infolvs-saar.de

Armin Rein, President
Hans Gassert, Vice-president
Stefanie Koch, Head of Road Transport



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