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French Logistics Association

The ASLOG is an association active in all parts of France, working to further develop logistics together with its corporate members. It is independent, neutral and active in all sectors of industry.

ASLOG activities

  • Networking corporate members through conferences
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences
  • Regional in-house sessions for corporate members to discuss current topics
  • Evaluating logistics performance using specially developed tools
  • Publishing logistics studies as well as best practices
  • Coordinating/participating in the development of national and European standards
  • Comprehensive advanced training via seminars other events

For further information please visit

Individual/corporate members:

20 (ASLOG Lorraine)/about 1,500 (France)

Membership fee (per year)

  • Individual membership:
    €406.64 for individuals

€49 for students, retirees and the unemployed.

  • Corporate membership:
    €406.64 for companies with 1 member, €1,064.44 for companies with up to
    5 members, €1,913.60 for companies with
    up to 10 members.






Main office

23, Bld Berthier
75017 Paris (France)
Phone: +33-1-40538559
Email: contactaslog-network.com

Frédéric Hendrick, President
Olivier Vidal, Vice-president
Roland Dachs, Vice-president
Norbert Cohen, vice-president

Regional grouped Lorraine

Hervé Hollander, President regional group
Phone: +33-3-83878846
Mobil: +33-6-11020980
Email: herve.hollanderarvatoservices.fr



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