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Saarland functions as a European hub for all types of transport and handling, with special emphasis on the transport of goods. Saarland is key here with one of the densest highway networks in Germany, quick rail connections to Western, Central and Southwestern Europe, five international airports in the immediate vicinity and a direct connection to the main waterways of Europe.

More than €8.5 billion in imports and €9.4 billion in exports travel through these routes every year. Approximately 33 million tons of goods are transported by truck alone each year. In addition, extremely capable trucking hubs and logistics networks provide the greatest possible efficiency, guaranteeing 24-hour delivery service to the far reaches of Western Europe.


 Advantages of Saarland’s infrastructure:


High-performance road network:
Saarland’s road network is one of the densest in Germany and the adjacent areas. This facilitates direct access to the road networks of other federal states, as well as France, Luxembourg and Belgium.


Five international airports within 200 km:
Saarland has ample accommodations for passenger and air freight transport with the airports Saarbrücken-Ensheim, Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Hahn, Luxembourg and Metz.


Well developed waterways: 
The Saar has been channeled along its entire length, with connections to the Antwerp and Rotterdam ports through the Moselle and Rhine rivers.

Modern rail network:
Direct connections to Western, Central and Southwestern Europe. Paris and Frankfurt can be reached in under two hours via ICE/TGV from Saarbrücken European Station.

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